Clean Water For Schools

Clean, safe water is a necessity for every child, but over 50% of schools around the world cannot afford to provide it.

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Our vision is to create a world where every school child has clean, safe water.

100% of your donation directly funds clean water for school child.

We’ve delivered clean water to 19,842 school children in 147 schools in Haiti.

The Difference Clean Water Makes

Less Waterborne Illness

18% of all childhood deaths in Haiti are due to diarrheal disease (source).

More Kids in School

There is a 70% increase in school attendance when clean, safe water is provided to students.

Better Future

Clean water promotes a stable education that unlock opportunities of a brighter future.

Where 100% of Your Donation Goes

Every penny of our donation goes towards providing clean, safe drinking water to children in schools in developing countries.

How Does It Work?

How We’re Different

Long Term Solution

We partner with reliable, existing, local organizations already providing water in the community.

$5 = Year of Clean Water

Existing infrastructure of local partners allows for low-cost delivery of water to schools.

Proof of Impact

We track where every jug of water goes and how every dollar is spent. See our map.

Sponsor A School For $2000*

We'll connect you with the individual school you're helping and share with you the impact you are having!

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Donate $50 and provide clean water to 10 students.

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Challenge your office or donate your next birthday.

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