Meet Antoine Eleoim, 7th grader at the Ministere de Jesus Christ school


Louino Robillard


March 6, 2018

Antoine Eleoim is a twelve-year- old girl who is in 7th grade at the school Ministere de Jesus Christ. Her family does its best to buy treated water to keep her healthy even though they have extremely limited means. When they cannot afford to purchase clean water, they are forced to drink water from the local canals. Antoine struggles with her health due to drinking water from these canals, so the family was incredibly happy when they learned that dloHaiti through the Watering Minds partnership would be providing free, treated drinking water at her school. They knew that this would help keep Antoine healthy while at school. In the meantime, Antoine and her family do their best to drink clean water. They know the consequences of drinking contaminated water and they’re doing their best to stay healthy and hydrated.

Louino Robillard