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Local Partner: dloHaiti

Schools Served: 146

Launched in 2013, dloHaiti currently serves over 300,00 people in multiple communities throughout Haiti. dloHaiti currently has 9 water treatment & distribution hubs in the west, north, and northeast regions of Haiti.  Production and sales of water are financially sustainable, and dloHaiti also adds value to the community by employing over 100 local staff members and increasing the incomes of over 500 micro-enterprises in the country.


Local Partner: Naandi

5 School Pilot

Naandi, which in Sanskrit means a new beginning, is one of the largest and fastest growing social sector organizations in India working to make poverty history. Naandi was founded on November 1, 1998 as a Public Charitable Trust. Born out of the idea of creating a professionally run organization managed by eminent business leaders as Trustees, Naandi was expected to serve as a new experiment in the socio-development sector of India. Naandi is demonstrating the value of creating new social entrepreneurs by setting up social businesses that are even more efficient and closer to community needs than traditional grant-funded activities. Thus, safe drinking water, support to elementary school going urban children, skilling for unemployed youth and agriculture marketing are the four ventures in existence over and above the free services of Naandi.

Donate $2000* to provide safe water to a whole school for an entire school year.

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