Our Approach

We create local partnerships to bring a lasting solution for clean water in schools

How It Works

Donor Provides Funds

Clean Water is Delivered

Students Receive Water

Delivering Clean Water to Schools

Partner With Local Organizations

We determine local partners that already reliably provide clean water to the community and have an accurate tracking system.

Map Schools in Local Organization’s Region

With the help of our local partners, we map the schools in the region that they are able to access and provide clean water to.

Survey to Determine School’s Water Needs

With the help of our local partners, we determine what the school's water needs are by understanding the enrollment numbers and attendance of the students.

School Agrees to Implement Clean Water Program

The schools must agree to doing their part to make sure the students have access to the clean water we deliver.

Local Organization Delivers Clean Water to School

The local partner then treats and delivers the clean water to the schools once a week.

Track Water Deliveries and On Going Success

The local partners have a detailed tracking system that we have access to and can see the progress daily.

Our Principals

Clean Water For Students

Clean water in schools means less days of schools missed due waterborne illnesses.

Trusted Local Partnership

Existing infrastructure of local partners allows for low-cost delivery of water to schools.

Data Driven Accountability

We track where every jug of water goes and how every dollar is spent. See our map.

Sponsor A School

We'll connect you with the individual school you're helping and share with you the impact you are having!

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Donate $50 and provide clean water to 10 students.

Give Now

Challenge your office or donate your next birthday.

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