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With 60% of the population in Haiti living on $2.00 a day or less, access to clean drinking water is often a commodity that the citizens cannot afford. Schools are no exception. With scarce financial resources, many schools lack the ability to provide basic services to their students. In fact, with over 15,000 schools in Haiti, only 50% of them have access to safe water.  With diarrhea, which is highly preventable by providing access to clean water, being the cause of 1 out of every 5 childhood deaths in Haiti, lacking access to safe water in schools is a critical for the health of the children. Many schools get water for their students from the local water channel system which is highly contaminated and used for a variety of tasks including cleaning clothes and bathing.

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dloHaiti  is a social business providing safe drinking water to consumers in underserved communities in Haiti. dloHaiti makes safe water available closer to consumers and at a price they afford. It does this by treating ground water locally and distributing 20-liter jugs of water through small stores and merchants that serve a Haitian family’s basic daily needs, making safe water available when and where they need it. dloHaiti targets the consumer opportunity at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP). dloHaiti’s core operation and brand is based on local production and distribution of clean drinking water in underserved rural and peri-urban communities where public infrastructure isn’t enough to meet growing demand.  DloHaiti’s model creates cost-effective micro-distribution networks that resolve key logistical and inventory financing challenges for small, predominantly women-operated retailers in BoP markets.

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1/2 liter is delivered by student per day for drinking

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1. The water is pumped from the installed borewell
2. Remove contamination in the water with a solar-powered reverse osmosis system & chlorine is added to the water to keep it safe once delivered
3. Test the water every day to make sure it's safe to drink
4. Bottle the water in reusable 20 liter plastic jugs that are disinfected before each refill
5. Deliver the jugs every day to the schools in the same community as the water factory
6. The children drink clean water at school!
7. The next day, pick up the jugs to be disinfected and reused.
8. Record each step of the whole process on mobile tablets so track water production and delivery

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Ecole Communautaire de Williamson

Ecole Communautaire de Williamson is located in the Saintard region of Haiti. The school is made up of 2 separate school houses, one of which is shared by a church. 133 children attend, ages 6-12, and there is no access to clean water.

  • 133 Students
  • $665 needed to provide safe water for an entire school year
  • Cost per student: $5.00 per year
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Ecole Nationale De Luly Saintard

Luly is located in the Saintard region of Haiti. The school, which is over 40 years old, teaches 291 students from age 5-14. There is no reliable water source for the school, so they get water from wherever they can find it and chlorine tablets are used when they have them.

  • 291 Students
  • $1455 needed to provide safe water for an entire school year.
  • Cost per student: $5.00 per year
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