We deliver safe, clean drinking water to children daily

100% of your donations go to clean water for schools.

Our administrative are covered by generous partners who support the backbone of our work. When you sponsor a school, your funds go directly to providing water for kids.

Here’s How it Works:

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Donors sponsor a school to receive clean water
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In the field, water is collected from the source, treated and delivered to the schools by a local water entrepreneur
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Children receive clean water at their schools
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You get updates on how your school is doing
Donors sponsor a school to receive clean water
On the field, water is collected from the source, treated and delivered to the schools
Children recieve clean water at their schools
You get updates on how your school is doing

There is no one size fits all solution, so we work with local partners who know the solution that is best for their community.

What remains constant is that every day, a local water entrepreneur treats water and delivers it to the schools. The delivery happens via re-usable 20 liter jugs or pipelines installed to the schools. Every dollar you donate goes to bringing this safe water to the school children. We collect data on the water deliveries and we keep you updated on the progress of the school you sponsored—sharing stories and triumphs from kids like Supreme who attend your sponsored school.

See How Your Dollar is Spent

Select a country below to see their cost breakdown or to see how it works in each country.

Local Partnerships are Key

To provide the highest number of students with clean water—and make sure our donor funds stretch as far as possible—Watering Minds works with local Safe Water Enterprises (SWEs).

SWEs are decentralized, off-the-grid water treatment centers, managed by local entrepreneurs, in regions that don’t have basic infrastructure. They’re more sustainable than basic hand pumps, provide economies of scale to reduce costs, and are often better suited to address the types of water contamination found in urbanizing settings (contamination that takes more than simple chlorination to fix).

There are many reasons we work with SWEs, but here are some of the most important:

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SWEs empower locals to support their communities.
By working through local businesses, we are enabling them to provide a life changing resource for their children.
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SWEs are reliable.
Working with local entrepreneurs who are already treating water for their community means tapping into a reliable source of clean, safe water for the school children. No more broken hand pumps or untreated source water.
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SWEs are affordable.
Utilizing the existing infrastructure and systems of the SWEs allow us to provide school children with clean, safe drinking water at a nominal cost.
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SWEs are local.
By working with local entrepreneurs, we’re supporting small businesses and helping communities create jobs.
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SWEs mean schools can focus on what they’re best at: teaching kids.
Partnering with professional water entrepreneurs allows teachers to focus on teaching and not managing complex treatment systems.
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SWEs reduce cultural barriers
By working with people from the communities we serve, we respect local cultural norms that we from cannot fully understand

Sponsor children in Haiti, India, Ghana, or Cambodia

It doesn’t take that much to change the lives of a whole school full of children forever. Click on a country below to choose a school to sponsor or donate to the general schools fund and we will select a school in need!